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After repeated technical difficulties that could not be resolved, I have already begun the process of shifting to a new website.
That website is The site is still a work in progress so expect to see empty links, especially for older works, but I'm definitely working on it.
I'll keep this one up as a free website rather than a paid one for a year or so and then set up an automatic redirect. You may see some empty pictures or content on this site as I've deleted some to make room for the fact a free site has less storage than a paid one.
Thank you for your understanding.
Welcome to Pandora's Box!
Home of Dracoqueen22's fanfiction.
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All of the works associated with this site, the storylines, plots and so forth are mine and mine alone. Characters and worlds belong to their respective creators but Archer Kyle and the various demi-deities all belong to me.

However, none of the pictures belong to me. I don't know where I got them from or who their true owner is. Some of these have been on my computer for years. So if they belong to you, terribly sorry, tell me and I'll take 'em off.

Standard Warning: My fictions tend to depict graphic violence and graphic sex between males. If this is not to your taste, hit the back button. I will not tolerate e-mails telling me what my sites contains, after all, I am the one that created it.
Standard Disclaimer: I do not own any of the anime, manga, comics, TV shows, video games or other media used in my fanfiction. Nor is this written for profit. All of my stories are purely for fun.

Cassandra Smith
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